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Unit Converter
    Language JAVA - SDK1.6
    Version 0.1.2
    Last Update 2009.01.29
    Author MathPad Software Corp.


MathPad Unit Converter is a unit conversion software using JAVA applet and it allow you to easily convert between various English, Metric and SI units for length, area, temperature, enthalpy, etc.
Unfortunately there is no agreement for a global unit system and every one of us has been in the terrible place to convert various figures from one unit to another and thus opening books, finding tables, making the calculations, etc etc... 
Now, you can use the MathPad Unit Calculator freely anywhere you can access to


MathPad Unit Converter allows you to convert between units in enormous number of categories. Thousands of conversions are possible, all in milliseconds and with razor-sharp accuracy. You can use it to do all your conversions for you. MathPad Converter provides support for 199 units in 37 categories, for a total of 1,332(=37!/35!) different conversions! 
It also supports cut and paste operations input and result data to be exchanged with most spreadsheet and wordprocessing programs.


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