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Mollier Chart for Steam
   (P-T, T-S, P-H, H-S Charts)
    Language JAVA - SDK1.6
    Version 0.1.0
Last Update 2009.02.14
    Author MathPad Software Corp.


MathPad Mollier Chart  is utility aimed to simplify calculations of enthalpy, entropy, pressure, temperature, specific volume and quality of steam and water.

This software is a network of HTML pages with embedded Java Applets that helps users understand thermodynamic of steam and perform parametric studies visually without any programming. 


MathPad Mollier Chart express the regions of saturated steam and super heated steam, and it's region is limited to following ranges.

Pressure 0.0061 ~1000 [bar]
Temperature 273.16 ~ 1073.15 [K]
Entropy 0.2 ~ 9.2 [kJ/KgK]
Enthalpy 95 ~ 4150 [KJ/Kg]

English, Metric, and Standard International engineering units are supported.


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