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Matrix Calculator

    Language JAVA - SDK1.6
    Version 0.1.3
    Last Update 2009.01.29
   Author MathPad Software Corp.

MathPad Matrix Calculator is a simple, low cost utility for manipulating matrices of real numbers. It is as easy to use as a pocket calculator, but can perform most standard matrix operations for matrices. Matrix Calculator is aimed at teachers preparing coursework, students, or anyone who needs to work practically with matrices, simultaneous equations, etc. 

Linear algebra, sometimes disguised as matrix theory, considers sets and functions which preserve linear structure. In practice this includes a very wide portion of mathematics! Thus linear algebra includes axiomatic treatments, computational matters, algebraic structures, and even parts of geometry; moreover, it provides tools used for curve fitting, analyzing differential equations, statistical processes, and even physical phenomena. 


MathPad Matrices Calculator allows you to get the determinant, inverse, and transpose of matrix as well as the four arithmetical operations for matrices.
It can perform most standard matrix operations for matrices with no limitation of elements square. It also supports cut and paste operations allowing matrix data to be exchanged with most spreadsheet and wordprocessing programs.


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