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 Enthalpy-Entropy Chart
    Language JAVA - SDK1.6
    Version 0.2.2
    Last Update 2009.01.29
    Author MathPad Software Corp.

MathPad H-S Chart (Enthalpy-Entropy chart) is utility aimed to simplify calculations of enthalpy, entropy, pressure, temperature, specific volume and quality of steam and water.

This software is a network of HTML pages with embedded Java Applets that helps users understand thermodynamic of steam and perform parametric studies visually without any programming. 


MathPad H-S Chart express the regions of saturated steam and super heated steam, and it's region is limited to following ranges.

Pressure 0.11 ~3200 [PSIA]
Temperature 32 ~ 1400 [oF]
Entropy 1.22 ~ 2.17[btu/lbmR]
Enthalpy 800 ~ 1600 [btu/lbm]

English, Metric, and Standard International engineering units are supported.


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