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Turbine Cycle Heat balance

    Language JAVA - SDK1.6
    Version 0.1.7
    Last Update 2009.03.29
   Author Sun Moon
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Fossil/Oil Power Plant

Heat balance diagram typically represent Steam cycle performance. This diagram shows the steam/condensate flow streams associated with the power generation cycle. In addition, pressure, temperatures, and enthalpies of the various flow streams are also represented. A complete heat balance provides enough information to balance the energy distribution within the power station steam cycle. Heat balance also typically indicate the turbine expansion line end point and used energy end point of the steam as it exhausts to the condenser. On the basis of this information, the engineer can perform an energy balance for the major equipment associated with the turbine, feedwater, condensate, and heat rejection systems. On MathPad Heat balance diagram, it presents the use of the thermal kit data to develop the thermal performance of the power cycle.


Heat Balances typically are provided by the turbine manufacturer. In addition, numerous heat balance computer programs are commercially available to permit the evaluation of steam power cycles. Heat balances can also be performed by hand. Hand calculations can be very time consuming given the need to iterate to a solution and determine various enthalpies and other stream properties throughout the cycle. However, a hand calculation is instructive because it permits the engineer to gain an understanding of the interrelationships of the various peices of equipment within a powr cycle.


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