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Drawing canvas

The area which shows a evaluated fitting curve

[Row X Column]

Indicates row and column size of input field[]

Input field

The area in which user can input array data. [TAB], [SPACE], or [,] is available for the delimiter of array.

Number of Result

Indicates the number of elements of output result array

Reuse Button

Move the result data[] to Input text field[] for getting more accurate curve by use increased result data

Result Output field

Indicates the point(x,y) of array which compose a fitting curve

Coordinates [Y]

The Y value which the point device indicate in drawing canvas[]

Coordinates [X]

The X value which the point device indicate in drawing canvas[]

Status field

The region which display the status of processing, error, exception, etc

Fitting methods

The region which allow user to select the fitting methods applicable to array of input data[]

Option for quadratic spline

Applicable options([First] and [Last]) for only Quadratic spline Interpolation. You can get more accurate fitting curve of Quadratic spline as you compare two results of alternative.

Degree of Polynomial

Indicates degree[Order] of polynomial regression method

Degree of Fourier series

Indicates degree[Order] of fourier sereis regression method.

Result funtion field

The region which display result expression in terms of explicit type of function[Y=F(X)]. It display result only when one of the least squares regression methods is applied as a fitting method.

Run button

Run calculating process.

Stop button

Quit a current running process. In case of higher degree of Fourier series, you can quit calculating process immediately.

Clear button

Clear all data displayed on this applet window

Sample button

Various sample data of array will be shown. You can test various fitting methods with it. It help you to be accustomed in usage of this tool.


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