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PeriodicPad is a compact periodic table for the android phone™ with 30+ most Chemical Information about each element. PeriodicPad supports Easy & Attractive User-Interface with pleasant presentation, addressed especially towards the scientific community. Never the less PeriodicPad is also best suited for the needs of engineers, teachers, students, … .  

Hereafter you will find a detailed description of the different functions of PeriodicPad.




Key Features




Searching by Sorted Elements

As shown in the figures above, PeriodicPad supports three searching methods, Category(Group), Atomic Number, and Atomic Name. Through the Group/Family Selection Button(upmost Button on the window), you can categorized all the atomic elements in each group or family. Also you can sort all the elements by Atomic Number or Atomic Name order as shown in the figures below.




Searching by Text Inputting

 The element you want to find can be accessed by Text Input directly. As shown in the Figures below, you can see the TextField  filled with Atomic Symbol, Atomic Number and Atomic Name. Through the Text Input (using On-Screen-Keyboard), you can search the element and find the detailed information of it directly.




Searching by Periodic Chart

We have thought of lots of things to make this android software usable but probably the most useful of all is its simple ability to find the element you want from Periodic Chart as shown in the figure below. PeriodicPad always starts in the List view, but you can switch it to Chart view (Dialog) using Chart button on the List view. In the Chart View, tap the element in the Chart, you can see the basic information(Atomic number, name, symbol and group) of the element appeared in the window below. After tapping the SEARCH button located below, the Periodic Chart View will disappear and you can get the information about the element you just selected from the List view .




Chemical Information

Following 30+ Chemical Informations are provided for each element:


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