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ConvertPad  is a fully featured unit converter offering various unit conversions in a android phoneâ„¢. It is the units converter made specifically to match the look and feel of the Android. With all of the conversions that ConvertPad can perform, It is especially useful for Scientists, Engineers, and Students or even for around the home. ConvertPad is very accurate, easy to use and comes.

Hereafter you will find a detailed description of the different functions of ConvertPad.


Key Features





As shown in the Figures below, ConvertPad supports Input TextField combined with four fundamental rules of arithmetics( '+', '-', '*', '/' ). So you can also use it as a Simple Calculator which has functions of them. All the other functions scientific/Engineering calculator usually has(like squareroot, log, trigonometrical function, etc.) are excluded on account of ConvertPad's real time calculation. (On ConvertPad, All the calculations for conversion and printing results are simultaneously performed  with value inputting. So the additional functions as a Calculator could lower speed for conversion calculation.)





We have thought of lots of things to make this android software usable but probably the most useful of all is its simple ability to reserve Preference Units. Using the Unit Preferences, Users can customize ConvertPad to their own Unit Converter just including essential Unit Categories. As shown in the figure below, Unit Preferences Dialog Window can be accessed by choosing Preferences Button.




Groups and Categories

Following are the 9 groups and 87 categories of units that are supported by ConvertPad.






Heat and Energy







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